Is your project moving forward without a seasoned pro looking over your plan?

Don’t do that to your big idea.

In truth, I work with retailers and restaurateurs at all stages of their business, but turnaround is far more costly than strategic help at the outset.

Below are some of the products I developed specifically for restaurant and retail clients based on my past work with them and the value these services have quickly provided. 

Your dream only works when you know how to make a good decision. I can help you with that.

Location Selection Analysis

A terrific concept will not survive a poor location.

Buildout costs and lost revenue make it difficult to remedy a bad fit. I will either work with you to list the elements of a winning location for your business or review a proposed location on-site.

Chains have entire teams devoted to identifying winning locations, you have me.

Professional Mentorship

Sometimes, what business owners need is an experienced pro to sit with them on a monthly or twice-monthly basis to help sort through all the decisions they face. What is good growth? What makes sense with our existing structure? Is this new offering needed or profitable? Together, we will find a sensible path forward, and ensure your time and resources are aligned with your professional goals.

Business Plan Review

Intended to help aspiring business owners, investors, or developers see unresolved issues or unproven assumptions in their plans. THE BEST TIME TO BRING ME IN IS AT THE INCEPTION OF A BUSINESS. Food for thought: turnaround is much costlier.

One-day Audit

I developed this program for small businesses that may not need months of consulting. What they need is to get UNSTUCK. Our work together will answer pressing issues, and allow you to move forward with confidence.

A 4-6 hour visit with the business owner at their existing concept to evaluate operations, marketing, and discuss obstacles to growth. This is intended to give business owners an outside perspective from an industry veteran followed by an actionable list of suggestions. 

I’ll help you see how to bring in more profitable revenue and the systems in place that work against that.

Labor Mapping

A term I coined from working with entrepreneurs trying to scale their operations. We look through all your duties, staff capabilities and stated goals, then one by one parse out which to delegate, and which to keep. It’s a game changer for overwhelmed entrepreneurs trying to grow without losing their minds. $2 – 4k depending on the size of the organization. 

Menu Simplification

This offering is restaurant specific. When I am tasked with a turnaround, this is the first place I start. A properly conceived menu has an enormous effect on sales, labor costs, and food waste. 

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