Frequently Asked Questions

Things I hear: “I’m smart, I can figure this out on my own.”

Things I know: That might be true in the long run. One way or another, you get the education you need. Hiring me is an investment in reducing painful lessons that could sink your operation. Endless pivoting wastes time and resources.

Learning on the fly is costly and hamstrings growth. There is a better way.

I’ve never hired a consultant before, and you seem expensive.

I’m not cheap because my work answers questions on durable decisions. Getting those wrong is truly expensive.

Ask yourself, what is the cost of heading in the wrong direction? Spending tens of thousands on a build-out that won’t work, choosing a sub-standard location, or relying on sales of a product that can’t ever be profitable? 

A great deal more than hiring me from the outset.

What is the most valuable aspect of hiring a professional mentor?

The clarity to move forward with a business that is structured for profitability.

One of my favorite sayings is, “structure sets success.” That means the decisions you make about model will affect your profitability and ability to pivot for the entire life of your business. 

I reframe the challenges an entrepreneur is facing into something they can see more clearly. Is your revenue profitable? Are your location, brand, offerings, and model in alignment? Are you spending money on items that can add profitable revenue (revenue does not equal profit)?

My experience allows me to identify issues that impact the bottom line, but aren’t being addressed. I connect the dots between the stated goals, and daily, actionable items by solving real-world problems with you. 

How and when to expand are top of mind for many business owners. This is where my 25 years of retail, restaurant, and real estate experience gives me particularly valuable insight. 

We can create a growth strategy that is in-line with how you want to work and the revenue you need to sustain yourself.

What differentiates you from other business consultants?

For starters, I’ve walked the walk. I know how to navigate the challenges because I’ve faced them myself.

Would you fly with a pilot who only learned in a classroom? Lots of people billing themselves as small business coaches whose first business is the consulting. I’ve built and sustained businesses for twenty-five years. 

I’ve made a careful observation of the successes and failures, and it’s this wealth of experience I bring to every project. My good instincts are by design.

In addition, I’m a top-level communicator with the ability to walk you through the issues verbally and in writing. It shouldn’t be work for you to understand the advice given. That’s my job.

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