Hire me when you need to understand your project from the outside in.

I bring an impartial, top-down perspective solely focused on the success of your project.

The way things are always done doesn’t make it smart, profitable, or efficient. I use my two decades of experience, top-level communication skills, and market insights to help your enterprise succeed.

Real Estate Developers

Are you still using the old-school method of hiring real estate brokers and waiting to see what comes along to fill your spaces? I will evaluate what kinds of businesses would work, the right mix for everyone’s success, modifications needed to attract these businesses, and the right presentation to secure them.

A good fit means more revenue for the business, a stable long-term tenant, and lift for the co-tenants. Over time rents go up, and the area itself becomes a destination.

This doesn’t happen by accident, which is why your recruitment process must be thoughtful and intentional.


You’ve take the step of investing in a promising concept, but now you need to understand how to communicate with the operating partner and help them grow the enterprise the right way.

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Forget casual observation and intuition.

I can help you avoid costly mistakes and move forward with confidence.

Tell me about what you are building, and the problems that need solving.

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