I’m a strategist who helps retailers, restaurateurs, developers, and investors make good decisions from the outset.

I use my twenty-five years of experience as a retailer, restaurateur, and developing my own real estate to help my clients see the faulty assumptions in their plans, and avoid long-term errors. The idea is to pay for expertise at the crucial times it can have the greatest impact over your long-term success.


How I help Developers and Investors

How I help Restaurateurs and Retailers


I analyze from multiple vantage points which allows me to see a project holistically and create tailored solutions that pay for themselves for years to come. Sometimes, it’s as simple as helping a client get unstuck from circular problems and move forward with confidence.

One of my most valuable services: Location Selection Analysis

This in-person review of a proposed location works for every type of client I work with. The principles are the same, I simply tailor it to your needs.

I developed this service out of years of watching promising businesses struggle in poor locations.

Everyone agrees a good location can make or break a business, yet most decisions are made by something as unreliable as instinct. Instead, I match concept and location through projected revenue, co-tenants, transportation, and demographic.

A great fit lifts the business and the building that houses it.

Chains have entire teams devoted to identifying winning locations, you have me.

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Forget casual observation and intuition.

I can help you avoid costly mistakes and move forward with confidence.

Tell me about what you are building, and the problems that need solving.

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